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Integral Safety

How we work?
ASERPA is committed to comply with the regulation in accordance by-laws of
Act 1072, 2015.

Occupational Safety and Health – OSH Standars

ASERPA S.A.S headed by Senior Management, is committed with the protection and promotion of workplace and safety for employees, subcontractors and other third parties; conducting through the identification, evaluation and developing risk control aiming to prevent with the aim of preventing injuries, work-related illnesses and to decrease work absenteeism.

We aim to promote a safe and healthy work environment in accordance with our occupational safety and health program which includes all the human, physical and financial resources needed for implementation and continuous improvement in accordance by-laws.

ASERPA S.A.S employees will be responsible for demonstrating appropriate safety and health behaviors, and for reporting potential risks to themselves and others.
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Operational Safety Management System - SMS

ASERPA acts in accordance by-laws of:


Operational Safety Policies

For ASERPA , Operational Safety is our priority.Our commitment is to continually implement, maintain and improve strategies to ensure that all our maintenance activities will have assigned the resources to achieve the highest level of operational safety, as well as compliance of domestic and foreign regulations related to provide aircraft maintenance services.

  • Guarantee the allocation of resources to maintain and improve the Operational Safety Management System -SMS.
  • Promote an organizational culture that encourages safe practices and ensuring effective risk management.
  • Has Operational Safety as the primary responsibility of all the team.
  • Define for all personnel guidelines to act and response for the effective achievement of Safety.
  • Identify and manage risks, including a Risk Reporting System – Report Operation Risk (IRO), mitigate, reduce and / or eliminate Operational Safety risks, arising from hazards that result from our activities, to the lowest point as is reasonable in practice ALARP).
  • Ensure the non-punitive report culture.
  • Comply with standards and regulations by-law.
  • Ensure competent personnel to implement operational safety strategies and processes.
  • Ensure experienced staff members to apply Operational Safety procedures and strategies.
  • Establish and measure operational safety achievements, to determine the compliance of objectives and targets, through management indicators that evaluate the effectiveness of Operational Safety.
  • Continuous improvement through effective management processes.
  • Ensure that the services provided by third parties meet the Operational Safety Standards in order to support our operations.
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